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我們非常歡迎國內及澳門同胞客戶, 為方便大家,可通過國內銀行或香港銀行進行交易並在當地交收;並且,運費可享特別優惠補貼我們尊貴的同胞們。

詳情請致電 2331 3721 查詢,謝謝! (台灣 Singbee 產品不設國內交收)




Your Satisfaction Drives Us


At IFCO, we understand that office / computer chair is more than just a piece of furniture that people sit in.  In today’s life, after your bed, your chair is likely to be the place that you spend the next most amount of time.  Furniture in workspace such as seating and desking are playing an increasingly important role in the working, studying as well as leisure environment no matter you are at office, at school or at home; no matter you are an adult or a kid, we recognize that.


FOUNDED in 2009, IFCO has grown from a SOHO business to become an established and professional seating and ergonomic furniture B2B / B2C business through O2O experience dedicated to serving the needs of corporates, institutions, organizations, design house as well as home consumers.  From day one though, our core mission and philosophy have always remained the same:

To solve everyday needs of furniture with our value-based, and ergonomics-focused solutions in great price and trusted quality.


OUR COMMITMENT TO VALUE has made IFCO to be one of the most acclaimed companies in the industry.  IFCO is a recommended choice of noted experts in the fields of chiropractic physiotherapy and occupational ergonomics.  Our customers recognized our Ergonomic Office Furniture and Ergonomic Kids Furniture for its outstanding affordability, comparing its value with priced two and even three times higher.


OUR GROWTH & SUCCESS is also attributable to the partnership between IFCO, our dedicated team such as designers, engineers, QA/QA, C/S and other colleauges in different areas, our long-term suppliers and our valued customers. Through our joint efforts with an extensive network in international trade background, our name has become synonymous with reliability, unbeatable value, dependable quality and outstanding service. As part of our service, we offer speedy production and delivery of a broad range of consistently high-quality products at affordable prices.


YOUR SATISFACTION is what drives us to provide the highest quality products and services on the market.  From your first contact until the job's done, our entire focus is on seeking the best solution to have your problem resolved.  If at any time you have ideas about how we can do it better, we would love to hear from you.  Because we do believe that the only key to drive us to have sustainable success is your satisfaction and trust.


TODAY, with more selections, savings and services than ever, we are providing ergonomic seating and desking solutions for the diversed challenges and opportunities present in an ever-changing working and study environment.  We remain committed to provide you with even more quality choices with dependable products and services with affordable and reasonble cost.  Thank you very much for your continued support!








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